Each customer that purchases a car from you should be introduced to the amazing benefits that Motor Club of America offers. It works the same way as selling an upgraded Warranty or extra Insurance. Many customers need Roadside Assistance and Towing Coverage, along with the many other benefits we offer, and now you have the opportunity to offer it to your customer. Not only will you earn on the financing, accessories, and extended warranties, but now you have the ability to earn an additional weekly income by sharing information with your customer.

When a customer buys a car from you they will have the opportunity to purchase the Total Security plan and enjoy over $150,000 worth of coverage for only $19.95 a month, and be protected with all of the many benefits that are listed below. For each Total Security plan you sell, you will be paid $80 from MCA every Friday. Selling 12 MCA Total Security plans a week to your customers is an Extra $1,000 in your pocket every week.

Below are just a few of the benefits offered in our Total Security plan:

For a complete list of the benefits, Click Here.

Your membership card and benefits package will arrive at your shop within 2 weeks, however you can begin selling the benefit plan immediately. You may begin using the benefits within 24 hours of joining.

MCA requires 2 months of coverage to be paid at checkout.

Cancellation: Feel free to cancel your coverage at anytime without any penalties.