One of our most popular benefits is our unlimited towing and more than likely many of your customers have had their vehicle towed to your shop. Think of how your clients would feel if you told them you could save them money and show them access to over $150,000 worth of motor club benefits? For every client you service, offer them information regarding these great benefits and earn a weekly direct deposit!

Your customers will have the opportunity to purchase our most popular plan for only $19.95 per month, earning you an $80 commission.

If 2 of your customers purchase the MCA plan, you will then be paid $160 the following Friday! Think about if you helped 10 of your clients get access to the MCA plan? That would be an $840 direct deposit the following Friday to your financial institute. Being that Motor Club of America is a Motor Club, your in the perfect business to share with motorist.

Below are just a few of the benefits offered in our Total Security plan:

For a complete list of the benefits, Click Here.

Your membership card and benefits package will arrive at your shop within 2 weeks, however you can begin selling the benefit plan immediately. You may begin using the benefits within 24 hours of joining.

MCA requires 2 months of coverage to be paid at checkout.

Cancellation: Feel free to cancel your coverage at anytime without any penalties.